Namrata V.

We needed someone to help with TV wall mount (65" LED TV) / Sound Bar, Curtain Rod installation (in living room), shower rod (in bathroom) and hanging pictures and wall art. After going through a bunch of contractor reviews on yelp, decided to go with Eric (3 Brothers) and have to say that was the best decision we made. We had a very pleasant experience during the overall process - right from setting up an appointment till the payment for the services.    

Eric is very professional, came on time and did the job as soon as possible. We have a hardwood flooring, so he was extra careful while keeping his tools and avoided dropping anything on the wooden floor. The quality of work was truly exceptional and he seems to be a person, who knows his stuff without making any mistakes. He also gave me suggestions to pick the right place for hanging my art work. I would definitely recommend 3 brothers to a friend.

Arleen A.

This was my very firs time using 3 Brothers Handyman Services and I'm not one bit disappointed. In fact, I've entered them into my iphone address book for future bookings!

I'm always happy when I get the owner to help me. Eric helped me out with various handyman services twice within the last week. He came out first last Saturday to my Mom's house to install 2 curtain rods, adjust a door plate on a deadlock that just wasn't locking, and adjust an outside door hinge that wasn't locking either plus took a look at my Mom's wrought iron gate to see why it wasn't locking and determined the problem realizing it was the brick wall that might have to be replaced due to cracking/shifting that had gone on. ALL done within a 1 hour time frame with some friendly professional chatting included. I was VERY impressed from the start. Eric walked in, introduced himself with a handshake and proceeded with the tasks one after another wasting NO time at all!

Raj D.

3 Brothers Handyman Service is very reliable, cost effective and honest and provides quality work. I had opportunity to work with Eric couple of times. He is very punctual, knowledgeable, understand the emergency situation and response in very timely manner. He documents your project detail very well, does not waste any time and finish the work. I don't have to watch his work. After completing the work, he cleans the place and dispose off all waste. He will not leave till he satisfy himself. He is our family handyman. I recommend him for any kind of home services.


Would highly recommend this company. High quality, professional, and great communication. Pat arrived on time, very professional and personable. Caulked a leaking window, replaced my recess lighting, hung up my curtain rod, curtains, and picture frame. What I appreciated the most was how meticulous he was at measuring how high my rods should be to make my curtains hang just slightly above the floor, nice! I would definitely call them again for future needs!

Sharon H.

We'd put up some curtain rods that kept falling down so finally it was time for the professionals! They were able to come on a Saturday morning and fix our rods and also help us with some other miscellaneous things like swap some of our light switches.

They were friendly (and dog-friendly!) and worked efficiently.

The only thing was they didn't really clean up some of the scraps that fell on the floor from switching out the light switches. I didn't notice until our baby almost ate them!

They charge $106 for the first hour, and then in 30 minute increments thereafter.
Will definitely use them again!


I had a curtain rod at home that we installed ourselves that kept getting loose and falling down. Eventually over time, the curtain rod could not stay in place in the drywall due to the large nail holes in the wall. I contacted 3 Brothers to fix this problem.

3 Brothers was prompt, immediately got to work, and did the job QUICKLY. In fact, he did the job so quickly, he asked what other things he could do for me, so as to not waste the time left in the 1-hour appointment. I found him 3 other fix-its in my home that he did so quickly within the total 1-hour appointment I had for him.

After the 1-hour appointment was up, he saw that I had some frames I wanted to hang on the wall that I had not hung up yet. And he gave me a Gorilla Hook to use to hang up the frames. I had never heard of a Gorilla Hook before, and he spent a long time patiently explaining why it was the best hook to use for hanging picture frames, how I could use it myself in the future.

Prompt, fast, quality-work, helpful & kind ... 5-stars!

Gwen W.

EXCELLENT!!!  Military Vets know how to run a business. . . strong work ethics. . . everything is organized, and timely.  Eric responds, immediately, and schedules the appointment.  Pat was right on time, both appointments. I got a text to tell me he was in route. And on top of all this, the quality of the work was professional.  I will always call 3 Brothers!

John S.

Justin was great.  He was super responsive to my drywall repair need.  Multiple contractors had quoted the job and then never showed.  3 Brothers quoted the job using pictures I emailed and showed up the next day.  After some paint, things look like it never happened, which is what you really want.  3 Brothers will definitely be my first call the next time I need home repairs.